Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Picnic on Saturday

Love this picture!
Wei Soon, the leader and Claire, the assistant playing with the self-made kites. Lol

Saturday was filled with sun, laughter, happiness, and FOOD!~ And everything NICE! The preplanned picnic was organized by Wei Soon's group. Around 20 people joined the picnic that day including those who were invited. The event was a huge success. The food was good and we ate until our stomach became bloated! And there were the kite-making session as well and not forgetting singing session!~ Hehe. It was relaxing and fun. We even played volleyball on the field. Memorable and definitely worth going!


Amy. Shu Shien. Eekim

Picture kaki


The guys

The girls

The whole group *incomplete*


Singing session!


The beautiful sky

Trying to fly the kite *failed miserably*

The process of kite-making

The poser us

Look at the clear blue sky and sing with your heart and soul

p/s: Wkee's picnic on Sunday post coming up!

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