Friday, May 02, 2008

Spring fest 2008



This year's spring festival is just like any other previous years. The 3rd time I have actually visited the fest! Still remembered I performed in the last 2 festivals when I was in 1st and 2nd year. Now I am already ending my 3rd year but this time around I came as a spectator and not a performer. The weather wasn't that sunny today. A bit too chilly for my comfort but still I wasn't wearing any jacket. Took some gorgeous pictures with Eliz's camera. Thanks! Hehe

Gosh me like this pic very much! :)

Eliz, Kim Swee, Yeng Sheng, Chua, Amy

Do we look similar?

Unknown girl

Forgot where they are from. Hehe

She's pretty..Mongolian perhaps?

Look at his 'afro' man..

Asian costumes?

See 'her' every YEAR!

Aiks, senget already..

Russians in Sari's

Any idea which country is that flag?


Nigerians having fun


Kim Swee and me while queuing up to get in!

Pretty Eliz!

Hot Mira, Me, Eliz, Cutie Viv

Nice body!

The girl in blue 'chi pao' is so cute..

Hottie teen selling scrumptious desserts

Camwhoring in Citi cafe


I look like a nerd?


Amy, Eliz, Ry


More more..

Just me..

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