Thursday, May 01, 2008

Swan Lake

One Word: Resplendent

The ballet dancers blew us away with their elegance, beauty, and gracefulness. One of the most famous ballet in Russia! I am really glad that I have the chance to be able to see such a great art. I recommend those who are interested in dance filled with grace and beauty to not miss the opportunity to view this show before it's too late!

Me posing in the hostel

The hall

Me with the orchestra team behind :) Marvelous!

Our respected seats

Viv and mua

Outside with sun blazing hot

Shu Shien

Kremlin entrance

The ballet

Stea, junior

After the show with Bbeng

Us near the stage

p/s: Make up and hair done by beloved Soo Ann, thanks! Dress borrowed from Viv :P They said have to wear formal thus the dress! But all of them turned up at the metro with casual wear.. Pai seh..

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