Saturday, June 07, 2008


Ramdom: Viv's fav pic lol

Funny how feeling and emotion work. Sometimes you can be floating on cloud 9, yet sometimes you can just hit rock bottom and feel awful. One of the wonders of God's creation I guess. As much as I want to be happy and chirpy all the time, it's not always THAT EASY.

Funny how a small tiny little gossip can change your day from good to horrible. I guess when you 'care' too much, that's what you're going to end up with. Insecurities and paranoia. I just hate it when the day shows its ugly self. You just feel like you want to bawl your eyes out and hide from the rest of the world. Or even feel so lonely and sad, you wish the one closest to you will be there to give you a warm bear hug and tell you that 'everything is going to be fine'.

But I am sure I am going to be okay. It's just what everyone has to endure and surpass at one point in their life.

Looking at the bright side,I got all my credits today! I can sit for my finals in peace if I STUDY WELL for it, which I hope I will.

Spent 4 hours in the hospital since 10 am today. Bossy doctors who earn their extra paycheck by teaching foreign students like us have the authority to torture us like crazy and don't feel guilty for it. Dr.Benzilok made us wait 2 hours for him prior to coaxing us by telling, 'Don't worry, I will attend to you SHORTLY'. And the 'shortly' turned out to be a full 2 hours before he finally came to us and started preaching about our problems. But truth to be told, I am glad I went today because he taught us all over again about 'Pneumonia'. I can almost assure you my knowledge in that disease is quite 'power' already.


p/s: I was supposed to sleep before midnight but somehow got caught up with stuff and still have not rested yet. Dead tired...zzzzz..

p.p/s: Thanks Sammie, the spider and python fetish..


Anonymous said...

Nice pic. But it should be safe, not save.

Save = verb
Safe = noun

Reverie said...

lol say it to viv...i knew bout it earlier on d...