Friday, June 06, 2008

The story behind the melody

Osaki Nana is so gorgeous! I like her hairstyle..

I came to know and appreciate this song last summer. I liked it very much and somehow it had a tinge of sadness and sorrow flowing within the melody. I knew it was one of the OST for 'Nana movie'. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to watch it that time. And soon the song became too painful to bear, I stopped listening to it. Occasionally it will be played in my mp3 player when shuffle was on. 'Endless story' had a special meaning to me at that time but too bad I did not really know the actual story behind it until now.

I finally watched 'Nana' movie 1 & 2 today. Just could not wait until exam's over and since I was done with the anime this afternoon,so why not?

It was a touching scene when the song was aired. Just like in the anime...

Endless Story

Watch it. It will touch your heart.

p/s: I am so pissed at myself. I overate again today so to kill my guilt I drank green tea like a crazy woman. Now I am suffering from the effects of it. Feeling 'hyper' now. Caffeine...grrrr...

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