Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sentosa's a bliss!

I was so excited when I knew by hook or crook I will be going Sentosa during my stay in Singapore! Needless to say it was FUN! Woke up 7am in the morning even though we slept late the night before due to our packed schedule. Supposedly meeting up Choy at 9am at Harbour Front MRT Station, but us staying so far away, we were late for almost half an hour! Sorry ya! :P But I am sure you were occupied throughout the whole time you were waiting for us :P

It was a bright sunny gorgeous day! Sun tanning had never been this fun!


Gorgeous beach ain't it?

Golden sand

Basketball court


Choy and mua after my swim

Visors off. Leng Chais everywhere! Can I study in Sg ar? LOL

Leaning against the coconut tree~

Eh, don't pretend to be shy PISS :P

Poser in action!

'Yer, your face so oily wan?' Obviously la, sun tan OIL ma!

Trying to give a kiss lol

Hiding from the sun reading my mag..

I was left all alone cos they don't want to catch the sun rays :(

Sand man?

Jump tryouts

Choy you slow la!

Blood related

Don't know how many times we jumped for a perfect shot.

Failed. Again.


Chilling backs

My hair like crap I know.

Strolling down the beach~

Poser Choy!

That's my tan line. Not what you think it is ok!

Sun shine on me!


Soh Poh.

Love taking pictures don't we :P

Peace. Happy.

I love the way it feels...

Her sexy back..

Blue sky vs golden beach

The background industrial area ruined everything.


2nd part up next!

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Anonymous said...

Why your friend wear 2 bikini?