Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sunday Fun~

Went out with Moon last Sunday for swimming + suntanning *again*. Met up around 1pm at Mid Valley for lunch at Piccollo Mondo *bad food* and headed over to the Gardens Hotel. We sneaked into the swimming pool and got ourselves a nice place for a swim and sun tan!~

Outfit for the day

White halter dress: Bamboostereo rm30
Denim Vest: Bamboostereo rm25
Shorts *can't be seen in this pic*: Bangkok rm10
Necklace: Bangkok rm5
Gladiator sandals: Tictactoe rm50

Us at the swimming deck

Amy. Moon.

Sun. Yay!

Me lounging

Pretty Moon

Your Blogger

I love the red bikini which happens to be hers :(



Kitten's lips

:) :) Notice we switched our tops


At night

Hanging out with Dude and Moon for 2nd dinner at Rabbits.

Yum Cha Session

Station 1

Taken by Aaron I think. *can't remember the name*


Meet up with them for an early farewell outing :P
(I looked weird with the hairband)

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