Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pop Poppy

Last Friday I went Poppy with AdamC and met up with some friends over there. It was pre-planned 2 weeks prior to it. I was dying to go as I wanted to groove to the music and booze happily before I leave. Went there a tad too early. We reached around 11pm and the crowd went wild only around 1am. Met up with my dear Racheal Kow, seller at flea market. Funny how friendship can bloom between a seller and a loyal buyer. As I said previously, I love all her stuff!

Jwei was there with her bunch of friends as well. Hung out with her at her table and danced into the music like there was no tomorrow. Headed yumcha around 3am when the club closed. Reached home around 4am. Too late, but it was all worth it for a once in a blue moon night to enjoy to the max!~

Rock yo!~

Hot Uncle AdamC!~

Jason, AdamC

Jwei #1

Jwei #2 (still sober)

Jwei #3 (still sober)

Then 'high' liao

Amy, Jwei, Veronica

Lol. Jwei...

I just kept smiling only..

Our shoes...from left: AdamC, Amy, Christine, Racheal

Danced barefooted

Racheal, Christine, Amy

She's nice...

Our outfit for the day..Like her dress :)

Using her cam. Picture turned out niceeee...unlike mine...

I think I was a bit high.

All smiles...


Sexy Amelia...she can woo any guys in the club..lol

Our cam-whoring moments. *Look shocked*

Kiss kiss~

Trying to look sexy~

We just like to cam-whore

Cheers to Bacardi

Loving them~Bacardi Limon~

Girls in action

Muaks from me..

So many pictures we took

AdamC got into the picture. He was well sought after that day. LOL

Happy friends..


All girls

At Jwei's table


p/s: Feel like going again :(

Outfit that night:

Dress: Mei's rm45
Heels: Racheal's thrifted rm40
Ring: Racheal's thrifted rm3

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