Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Counting the days

10 days to the day where I'll depart for another year of studies in Moscow.

Feeling a bit nostalgic and sad. Going to miss Malaysia really bad, especially beloved family and friends, FOOOOODDDDDD, and my suntanning holiday trips. This summer has been a really GREAT ONE FOR ME. SUPERB I might add. The previous one was not as fun and was restricted but this time around really went all out for holidays and travelling.

2 weeks of attachment at Ampang Hospital was exceptionally memorable. Got to know some great friends especially the ones from Kursk. Not forgetting that I did manage to learn new things in the hospital like doing injections, ECGs and dressing wound, witnessing gross accidents aftermaths, going for night shifts at the hospital during HUNGRY GHOST MONTH, the crazy times where my friend and I tried hunting for ghost around the hospital as well as sharing our thoughts out while waiting for cases to arrive at the department, daily MAMAK at steven's. Ah, all those MEMORIES.

Hope I'll have a great attachment as well next year!

Picture of the day

Outfit for the outing at Pavilion today:
Vest: Promod rm70
White shirt: rm21 thrifted
Shorts: rm100 from MissSelfridge
Bag: rm40 thrifted. *Can be seen in the future post!*
Heels: Nine West rm190.

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