Friday, August 15, 2008

Young at Heart

Backdated pictures.

Hong Jin just uploaded them up in Facebook.

One of the 2 rooms we booked for a bunch of us for the night.

There really wasn't anything much to do in Genting. Except maybe if you're a die hard gambler or when you're there for events and stuff. We were so utterly bored, we turned to toys for entertainment, which includes...


Shoot shoot..Wah, I look so 'yeng' LOL. What's with the bended knees Adrian?

Who's stronger than who game. Apparently, I LOST REAL BAD... :(

Hong Jin trying to grab Adrian's butt while he was immersed in beating me hands down.

Wah, play with one hand.

Don't know how you call this old school video game. Fighting thingie.

An hour of pool after getting bored of video arcade..

call us childish lah. In our 20s already still playing kid's game. LOL. But it was fun :)

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