Thursday, October 23, 2008


PANCHO VILLA *clickkkk*

Creatively furnished and tastefully decorated interior, the Mexican Restaurant recommended by a senior, Irise is certainly an eye opener. Mind you, she's an indisputable expert when it comes to food & fine dining in Moscow. I have been wanting to taste some Mexican food for some time now but still can't find my partner in crime till I was chatting with Din one fine night. He agreed at the idea of trying out the restaurant as good reviews were given. Situated at Otiaberskaya, the place's strategically located and it wasn't really a hassle to hunt for it. I was fashionably late for 15 mins, sorry Din, you know girls :P Haha. Behold:

Open the main door and you'll be greeted by this.

The menu

Orders for the day

Mine: Pollo Relleno (430 rubles)

Din's: Fajita's beef (610 rubles)

My side dish because the main one wasn't filling at all.
Alitas de Pollo (275 rubles)

Cellar portion of the restaurant. Next visit we'll be sitting there!

Din's cool t-shirt. The Rolling Stones.

Din's necklace. Real bullet wei. Don't play play. Will get one for myself during my Thai trip next year!!!

Sony Ericsson's kaki.

How can you not take picture with Amy if you're going out with her? Haha. Din was very cooperative. Thank you very much.

Amy: Let's do stupid faces.
Din: OK *facial expression*
Amy: *faster2 put on disgusted face*
Din: Eleh, you ask me put stupid face then deliberately show disgust face at me.
Amy: LOL.

Amy: Ok lor, your turn :)

Normal one.

Hiding behind me!!!

Side profile. Yeng sideburns wei. LOL

Mine. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Getting ready to leave.

Light decor. Star!

The bill came inside a coffin.

Mexico flag babe!

Piano. Do not touch!

Gunners!~ Full body pic. Friggin' chilly that day man.

Conclusion: The restaurant deserves a 5 star review from me. Though it was a little pricey, but the service was good and the food was nice. The atmosphere was totally serene. You can chat for hours and no one's going to kick you out of the restaurant. Definitely MUST GO!

Sneakers addicts. I want your girlish Converse, Din!!!

My printed tee. The girl's cun.

I like my laptop. Skin.


Finale: Your blogger, AmyKsy.

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