Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Museums and miscellaneous

Few days ago, Kim invited me to join their museum tour around Moscow. Planned to go 4 of the museums around. Unfortunately, time wasn't on our side. We managed to visit only 2 museums on Saturday. Met up downstairs at 10am and set off. I was enthusiastic about the whole trip. Kim can't made it in the end due to some personal reasons. I invited Kent along because he's a newbie in Moscow and wanted to show him around. 9 fellas in total went that day.

1st stop: Mayakovskii Art Gallery

The art displayed was weird and fancy to my eyes. The artist was brilliant. It was like a maze inside the building. The guides inside were helpful and kept explaining to us the meaning behind his work. As usual, we took pictures.

James Jiet. Umbrella man

Some huge tank.

Pretty Shu Shien. His journals were put in most of his art. Take note of the papers on the glass pane.

The artist's visit to US: His interpretation of Statue of Liberty

Christine, Shu Shien, Amy, Hsu Yin

Kent added into the picture

After an hour or so, we left the gallery. Group picture minus photographer, James Jiet.

'Amy, you like to take picture right? This building's nice. Come pose!', remarked James. -_-''' Hence, the picture taken.

Boon Beng. One of my best camwhore mates from that day onwards. LOL. Super fun.

Polytechnic Gallery. All the structures and physics stuff.

Microscope of some kind???

I was retouching my make up and James deliberately took an ugly picture of mine. Aih.

Stairs group

By the end of the visit, it was already close to 4. I was totally famished. The Nine West Oxford which I donned was killing me. I could barely walk. Remind me not to wear high heels if long distance walking is required. Thanks to Boon Beng and Kent who aided me in my walking throughout the whole trip. -_-''

MCD at Kitai Gorad. Mouth full of food.

Our table. Yum yum..Food was great~

Group picture at Kitai Gorad.

We walked from Kitai Gorod to Kremlin and stopped by to take a picture. Again.

Jeng Jeng Jeng. We finally reached RED SQUARE! Goodness gracious! My feeettttt... :( Super painful..But still can smile widely..hehe

Again. Gum as the background.

St Basil's manic!

Random poses. Superwoman for me!~

Pretty Lee Lee, Amy, S.Shien

Jump Jump Jump!~ Failed. I took off my heels. LOL. If not I was totally going to break my leg.

The whole thing was super duper amusing and funny. Jumped like bloody 6 times to get a perfect shot. See everyone was so happy :) James threw his scarf when he was on air every single time! LOL

Lol. Scared 'zhao guong'. Hence, I held the hem of my dress while jumping. Turned out funny. James threw his scarf again. Haha.

2 boys, a girl and GUM

Groupie picture in Red Square~

Take 2. James in pic now.

Lone pic. Attire inspired by the model below. *I know it doesn't look the same at all ok! Just don't own that gorgeous dress and not 'yeng' enough*


Posers in action.

Was resting by sitting on top of the stone. But managed to capture a nice pic :P

Another angle.

Walking pose. My idea!

I love how walking shots looked. Au naturale. Captured our timeless facial expressions and totally candid poses. Note I could barely walk but still walk for the sake of the picture. LOL. Perasan giler..

Senget pic. But it's cun nevertheless..

p/s: Circus outing with the same fun bunch next week! Can't wait. It has been fun guys!~ Muahhhh...

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