Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life so far

*Jumping in circles*

Was discussing with Kris over msn regarding our winter plans! 

Behold: Tentatively, 

Riga- Berlin - IBIZA (omg can you believe it!!) - Barcelona - Rome - Berlin - Riga.

*latest update*

Dismissing Ibiza cause everything's closed during winter. Will be keeping it in the 'must go' list during summer. Must go must go must go! Replacing it with Venice & Florence probably. Morocco's in consideration as well! 

Mind you it's just the rough idea.

I CAN'T WAIT.....more updates on it soon~~

*on cloud 9*

The cycle for this week: Urology

Have to wake up 630am daily to go class. Tiring. Classes like usual. First day was a little interesting whereby we watched an operation on-going directly from the television in the hall live. Friends have been complaining I looked awful when I go for classes. Just too lazy to make up and comb my hair nicely. Haha. Finally decided to look presentable on Tuesday. As always. Pictures time.

Eekim. Amy.

Seah Tan. Amy.

Pretty Sheila.

She was eating pizza. I was too bored :P


Yum yum~

What kills our time.

Studying. Not.

Kim's notes.

Mine. LOL. See the difference.

Eva Longoria lookalike.

Hot Russian girl

Siva. Sleeping mode.

Class too boring? Or too tiring?

Go figure.

Naughty girls. Read the mag.

Rainy day. Me no likey :(

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