Monday, October 13, 2008


It was a waste of the 850rubles I paid. It was a waste of 200rubles I spent on Sinbad for dinner. Like SERIOUSLY. Wth. We left class early around 10am with the consent letter given by the Dean to excuse us from going to class last Tuesday. We were scheduled to depart to Cosmo City (Star City) which is located 25km off Moscow. I knew it was going to be a long ride there, but I did not expect it to be that long. We departed 12pm and reached only around 330pm. I was practically 'dying' in the bus. Lack of air ventilation and uber bored. Tried dozing off but the seat was too uncomfortable. Ate snacks and tried reading the novel I brought but eyes got pretty tired. The guys were playing poker in the bus. Amusing.

We finally reached only to be greeted with familiar buildings which looked like our university. Swt. 3 hours ride to see the same thing again? There was a display box at the entrance where mannequins were donned in cosmo-costumes. Aih. Those stuff that we can easily see in exhibitions in Malaysia. It was not good enough for me.

After briefing from the guide we were led to a huge pool where the cosmonauts did their practicals in. Dipped in cold water with pressure similar to space, they were supposed to be in for like a few hours maybe? Wasn't really paying attention to what the guide was saying in his fluent Russian.

We took pictures like crazy from one place to another. But too bad some of them were not allowed to be published online due to infringement reasons. At least we got to crawl into the space shuttles and sat there for 5 seconds. It was enough for us. Haha.

The ride back was unpleasant as ever! Departed at 530 only to reach close to 10pm. It was the worse 'bus ride' ever! Sigh.

I was totally drained when I finally got to sit in front of my lappie.

View outside hostel

View from the bus ride. Raining.

Camwhoring's a must. Loving my bra-T.

Van Shoes.

Cosmonauts pee and shit into these thing.


Just grabbed Kristof to take a picture. His tulan face.


Tried climbing into the small door. Naughty.

Group 42 incomplete.

One of the equipments la.

I don't know what this is.

Part of the rocket.

Fake cosmonaut.

I like autumn pics.

Souvenirs anyone?

First cosmonaut to space, Yuri Gagarin.

Classic. Old typewriter.

Liver with potatoes. What cosmonauts eat in space.

Some statue.


I took pictures of practically everything.



Pictures of them. Proud history-makers.

Some hydro training.

It's huge.

Documentary on their training.

Entrance. Amy. Eekim.

Old school television. Every thing's old and cranky in Russia. Live with it.

The rector or something. Took picture with him because of his formal wear :P

Group pic 2.

Time to say goodbye.

Totally not camera-shy dudes in my group.

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