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Disclaimer: This is the 2nd part of the story. Mind you it's fiction. Meaning all of which I wrote are based on my imagination not in any purpose of degrading any girls out there who thought they have the same life as the character portrayed. Copywrited by author: Miss Amyksy

Sonia (that was her name) reached the gate to her house at exactly 2am. Drunk and high, she fumbled through her bag in search for her house keys. Lost grip of the bunch and the keys fell to the floor with a loud clang. Clumsily opened the front door and walked flimsily to her room and dozed off still donned in her smoking hot red tube dress and stilettos. 

The next day, she woke up with severe hangover. She tried to remember what happened the night before. Oh, she went to the boyfriend's house but got kicked out. Yeah. She took her mobile from her LV Speedy35 bag hoping that there would be a few miscalls and messages. Nil. No new messages was what was written on the screen. 'Where the hell is he?', she screamed in frustration and threw her Diamond Touch-Pro hard onto the wall. The screen cracked. She was not bothered. She can have a new one anytime she wants.

Out of the blue she remembered that he always hang out at his favorite bar at Mont Kiara. She wanted to take a glimpse of her knight in shining armor. She had to. Without even bother cleaning herself up, she wore the same attire and strutted towards the car. There he was laughing wholeheartedly with the gang he used to hang out with every other weekend at the bar. They were his best buds as far as she can remember when they were together. He looked so good to her. Crisp white CK shirt with perfectly fitted Levi's and tousled yet sexy hairdo. He looked fresh from shower. Sonia could taste him just by gazing at him. And that was when Jack saw her. He diverted his eyes instantaneously as if she was transparent. She felt a pang of pain on her chest. Tears welled up at the corner of her mascara-smudged doe eyes. 

Sonia walked over to their table and demanded to have a word with him. He refused with the reason he was busy with his mates. She wouldn't hear any of it. Dragged him out of the bar and pushed him onto the wall outside. 'Why the hell didn't you return my calls? Can't you realize that I am so worried that something might happen to you?' 'I love you, Jack. Don't leave me, please', she begged with her raspy voice. She was trembling trying her best to not collapse and tear in front of him. She lunged forward and hugged him only to be returned with a rough push. She stood there dumbstruck. He was disgusted just at the sight of her. She looked as if she hasn't showered in days. She smelled bad. He wanted to get rid of her. He want her out of his sight. 

'Sonia, let's break up'.

She couldn't believe her ears. He whom she has given all of her. He who was her first true love. He who promised to stay with her till death do them part. Those were shit lies. He was just playing with her all the while. Hatred began to fill her senses yet she knew she was still madly in love with him. And that was when she first started stalking Jack. 

Prank calls she would make every other hour. She would give him a ring using private untraceable number just to hear him utter 'Hello'. That would give her a breath of new life. Printed all pictures of him and glued them on her flower patterned wallpaper and gives the 2D him a peck each time she wakes up in the morning without fail. It was like drug addiction. Once you start, you can't stop. She was that crazy for him. Yes. Her Jack. She dreamt of him and her eating at their favorite Italian Restaurant at Westin's, of them sun-tanning in Phi Phi. She dreamt of them getting married in Maldives, honeymoon in Paris. She dreamt of them having kids. She frequent his workplace just to gaze longingly at him as he came and left the building. Making sure he wasn't in any close contact with other females. She want to see nothing of those. That would make her go cuckoo.

One fateful night she found out that he scored a date with that new girl who recently got transferred to the company that he was working at. She smirked distastefully to herself. 'Jack can't possibly like that b****!' 'I am prettier and better than her in all aspects!', she thought to herself. 'No no no, he can't be with her! He can't!' 'I need him!'. Without hesitation, she raced back home and ran to the shower. She had to look good. She needed to get his full attention. She needed to be in his strong assuring arms. He has to come home with her tonight. She smiled to herself in front of the mirror while calmly brushed her waist long jet-black hair to complete her look for the night. For a moment there she looked eerily insane.

There they were dining at the French restaurant that Jack used to bring her to.  She sat 3 tables behind them well-hidden at a strategic corner. She was green with envy and filled with jealousy when she saw how he was feeding her the foie gras that he specially ordered for the b****. Sonia stared cock-eyed at that woman. 'How the hell can she be so lucky?' Jack never fed Sonia food. Jack never gazed at her so lovingly like he was doing with the b**** now.

She needed to put a stop to the show she was forced to watch. She needed a revenue. She needed to get him back. At all cost. No way is she going to continue her life without him in it.

So she started master planning the perfect plot. For him to be hers forever.

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