Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sick story

She had a huge fight with him. He hasn't been picking up her calls since the last she saw of him 2 days ago. She missed him like crazy. Messages sent so many times she couldn't recall how many exactly she typed. So many times had they broken up and got back together. She just don't understand why she had to fall for this kind of guy. A guy that took her breath away, stolen her fragile heart and shattered it into infinity pieces every time they lost their tempers. She's tired of playing this mind game. She just wants to be happy with him and spend endless lovely nights with him. But this time, he has really gone overboard.

Without hesitation, she decided to drive over to his place and demand an explanation for his rude behaviour and strange disappearance. Mansion was where he was staying with 5 BMWs parked side by side at the front porch. Her heart stopped a beat when she saw the light in the room where her boyfriend stayed was switched on. 'He must be inside!', she thought. Desperate to see him, she wildly banged the door and pressed the bell. No answer. She could see through the sliding doors inside, the television was with its volume to its full blast. Olympics Beijing 2008 was airing at that time. It was the BADMINTON finals. Malaysian's very own Lee Chong Wei vs China's undisputed Lin Dan. Everyone was dying to know the final result each and everyone hoping that Malaysia finally wins a gold in Olympics. But strangely she had a feeling that Lee Chong Wei's going down the drain that night.

'What the hell!!!' she screamed in annoyance. He just wouldn't want to open the bloody door. She felt her heart squeezed in pain and she suddenly lost control of herself. She started shaking uncontrollably sobbing like a child who got denied of her candy kneeling on the floor with hands clasping her gorgeously sad face. She just couldn't understand why she was behaving this way. So unethical so unladylike. SHE LOST HER DIGNITY. She knew she had to let go of this son of a b**** but she just can't. She can't forget the times they had been together, those crazy times in Bali where they spent 4 lovely days making out, the times where they had sailed on his trustworthy yatch across the Straits of Malacca. 

He had betrayed her trust more than once. Friends of hers witnessed him fooling around with  a hot girl at some sleazy cheap club and saw him and the lass left with his car. He denied all the accusations thrown at him. He demanded her full trust and started blaming her for not trusting him which caused the unstability in the relationship at hand. She was confused. But she heeded to the devil and finally succumbed to his charm and grace. Wild thoughts ran through her mind. 'He must be with a girl in his room right at this moment', she suddenly thought. That made her even more pissed and she continued banging the door and screaming on top of her lungs demanding him to unveil himself. Still no answer. Security guards who heard her yelling came and told her to get out of the 'posh' premise or they will kick her out themselves. She continued banging the door oblivious to her surroundings. She don't care if the whole world saw her so disgraceful. Her mind was just filled with him at that time. 

Finally the guards could not take it and pushed her to the exit. She looked back in anger and revengeful at his gold laden electronic gate and vow that this is not the end.

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