Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crazy night out with Dear

This girl of mine kept 'fly-kite' on me :P Finally it was a successful outing last Saturday. We went on a crazy night at Arbat Street (again! I know tell me about it!) She called and screamed over the phone, 'Wei ar, don't wear NICE NICE ok! I am not wearing nice today!'. I replied cheekily, 'You have to wear nicely cause we'll be CAMWHORING hehe'. She still said no in the end.

When I saw her at the metro that night, she was all dressed up in her dress, high heels with the perfect makeup and matching earrings. I was like -_-''''. Come on, I was on a 'rocker' chic mode that night. Still high and happy with my new found love (leather jacket) I wanted to take picture of it so I dressed like a guy practically. HoHo. I was her 'bf' for the night = P It's nice to be lesbo once in a while. =P

Headed over to Starbucks because I was craving for sweet stuff. We ordered 2 Caramel Frappuccino Cream Base. The waitress gave us the coffee base instead. Sigh, can't even make a perfect drink for us. :( :( But it was nice though. Sipping our favorite beverages, talking bull, taking pictures, ogling at hot guys (but there aren't unfortunately). We were just contented accompanying each other.

I was hungry, we headed over to MCD for supper. I was running short of cash, hence no expensive meal for me. Furthermore I was scheduled to celebrate Tubs birthday together with Kim (next post!). We took so many 'camwhoring' pictures until I got sick and tired of it. LOL.

We made scenes along the streets doing stupid antics and posing like nobodies business. But it was F.U.N!
Pictures time

Pretended to be emo. I was ecstatic that night. Thanks Jiin :) Don't mind my oily face

Told you. We're just too lame. Trying to grab and bite her boobies.

Smile sweetly :)

I have no idea why I demanded this picture to be taken.

Starbucks ambassador for the night!


Normal one Take 1

All smiles take 2

Just lurrvee yah babeee..lol

Again...are you bored of us yet?

Not facing the camera..

Your blogger in Mei's shirt

Loving the wallpaper?

Jiin's lone pic

Mine. I love whip cream. Gimme more!~


Clasping her head.

Vise versa..

Wuah, look at my syiok face. I am good with my expressions :P :P

Loving the feel of it..

Kiss Take 1

Kiss Take 2 ( Have to be good with the camera angle). We're absolutely straight mind you ^^

6 sisters?

Arbat Street at night..

Bumble bee car..

Ballerina fountain..

Some Jap restaurant's mascot

The kid ruined the pic :(

Reminds me of the street performers at London's Eye

Milking cow..


Cute tut-tut motor outside Hard Rock

Sweet talking over the phone..

She's mad hence tried vandalizing the phone booth.

With her full expression..

Hahah. Muka damn ganas..

Shhh...Shut up..

She's doing big business :P

Manly mode that night..

Flashes of light...


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