Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sunday Whoopie Fun

*Latest Update* - Cleared all my pending for Operative Surgery. I am on cloud 9 now. So happy. One less burden. Can't wait for the actual 4th year fun man!!


2 girls promised the birthday boi to celebrate his birthday which dated 03/10/2008. It was also an excuse for us to meet up again after a month of separation. The weather was awesomely gorgeous that day. It was warm enough for me to ditch my jacket and just leave the hostel with my considered sheer attire =P

Supposed to meet the birthday boi at 3pm. We did not make it in time and it was all my fault.

I got stuck in the lift.

There I was all dressed up nicely waiting for the lift. 5 Malay girls were already waiting on my floor when the the lift came. 6 of us crammed inside the lift. There was already a guy standing inside. While going down the floors, it stopped at one of the levels and a 'naive' male junior came squeezing in. I was actually reluctant to let him in because there will be 8 people in the cramped up lift. There was a warning posted on the bulletin board at the ground floor which read 'maximum 5 person in the lift'. But since everyone was in a hurry, we let him in and the lift continued its journey down. When it reached ground floor, the door refused to budge open. All of us started panicking. There was no air ventilation. Everyone was so close to each other we could practically smell each other's breath. I started sweating. Kim called. She distracted me from my dilemma for a moment before the door finally opened. Sigh. 20 minutes wasted.

Waited additional 15 minutes for catch the bus. Another 30 minutes hunting for Tub's birthday cake and candles. Mind you it was not an easy task. Have to find the perfect one in such a short time.

By the time we reached the metro we were already an hour late. Sorry Tubs :(

Another 15 minutes gone because the scenery was too beautiful. We kept taking pictures along the way. Around 50 shots just walking to the Hotel. Siao. But it was worth it.

Food was alright. We went to the same restaurant again. Sang the oh-so-usual birthday song in front of other people. So paiseh. Headed over to the river bank and took pictures like a bunch of tourist noobs.

When I saw the pictures which we took, I was glad because all turned up the way I wanted them to be.

Behold, for your eyes only! :)


Outside the metro. With the cake.

Kim. Amy.

Walking with the birthday cake.

Whoopie Wee!

One leg up!~

Love this pic~

Autumn Bench.

Tokong Seoul


She wasn't paying attention.



Blue skies.

Fly away.



Looked like some studio pic.

The hill

To your left please.

Both of us. Cake.

Told you. We camwhored all the way through.

The woods.


Elvis Presley style

Our late lunch.

Korean food!~

Lighting the candles.

I want to be in the picture too.

Wah. Such a pretty cake :)

Kim. Birthday boi, Tubs.

Amy. Birthday boi. You need a haircut.

Cake distributor.

Family pic :P

While waiting for Kim.

Smile Smile Smile.

The river

So gorgeous ain't it?

Kim. Amy.

Full bod.

I took of him. She took of me.

Teeeheee :P

Enjoy the beauty.

Take 2. Kim's cam.


Walking leisurely towards the cam =P



Gorgeous sunset.

I just can't stop snapping pictures away..


Oily face..sigh.

Emo pic take 1

Emo pic take 2

What was he doing behind?

Her accidental successful shot..We looked so happy..

Muaks for you..

Forced Tubs to be our photographer of the day.

The sight you would not want to miss.

Yellow. Orange.

The metro.

Kim. Tubs. Amy.

On the way back


An end to a wonderful day again. Drop dead tired once reached home.

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