Friday, October 03, 2008



Dreaming of Manukan Island, KK!!!!

Pictures courtesy from Kak Juani, facebook

Gorgeous sunset

Crystal clear water

To die for beach and the endless sun tan session!

p/s: I want to go I want to go I want to go I want to go!!!!


Btw deleted my profile in 'Friendster' cause I find it too boring and spammed with all sorts of nonsense 'too friendly' spam messages. Hop on over to 'Facebook' and join in the fun peeps!

Happy birthday beloved Tubs! (3/10/2008) Officially 22 already! May your birthday wish come true. We'll make sure you're going to have a blast this Sunday ok? 

Too bored already. Tubs was playing with at this hour! Create your own avatar or your friends. It's fun!

Tubs own version of himself
*Messy giler with the popcorn crumbs LOL*

Amy's version of Tubs
*More ganas and yeng*

Tubs version of me (Amy)
*Sigh, why do I look so ugly?*

Amy's version of herself
*Pretty Narcissistic*

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