Sunday, November 02, 2008

Boring ol' MCD

Happy belated Deepavali!

I got this for my supper. Super huge bowl of Indian delicacies. It was DELICIOUS. Reminded me of mamak in Malaysia :( Thanks Siva. And NO, I did not nicked 2 meals of that like you told your blockmate ok! Hmph!

Just a quick lunch

Woke up at 10ish in the morning on last Sunday morning. It was considered as very early for me on a non-class day. Nevertheless, I saw Ann online and talked to her for awhile. Both of us thought of going out for a short while for fun. We quickly made a deal to go to Yugo's MCD to chill and talk since the last time we reunited was back a month ago during our shopping spree.

Us waiting for the bus.

Yay. Purple stockings. The last time I wore them was in UK. :) *I think*

Her Caesar salad. Health freak!

Munching on fries. It was shockingly delicious and fresh that day.

Mouth close.

My fat face with Ann's PDA. Focus on the screen.

Free wifi. She opened my blog link.

*Hiao* pose. Jwei strongly condemned this picture. LOL. It's OK what!

Her turn.

What's with the sad faces?

All smiles. I like using her cam. Rotatable lens. Can camwhore 99.

Go figure.


All smiles.

Love the color of her scarf.

Where was I looking at?



Blurry pic.

On the way back. COLD!!

Really chilly. Was jogging the whole way to the bus station.

Looking out the window. Thinking about something. *Forgot what it was already tho =P*

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