Monday, November 03, 2008

Spartiv Halloween Trottle!

Woohoo. It was the best HALLOWEEN party ever! Not that I have been to one too many but this is considered the 2nd time I celebrated Halloween's. The 1st time was around 2-3 years back with some m1 fellas at Hippo Club. Not exactly memorable. But this one's a BLAST!

Jiin invited me over to Spartiv a few days back as they were having some all-girls drinking session at Khim's room. I was kind of excited as it has been a LONG LONG time since I hung out with cool chickas and booze! I've been sober for a long long time, but don't worry I wasn't drunk on that crazy night!

It was Friday night and I just got back from my group outing to More Sushi after class. Texted Jiin and was soon getting ready to leave Dom 39. I was cracking my head thinking what I should posed as for the occasion. I wanted to be a vampire actually but I don't have fangs and I certainly do not own a cape. And that was when I saw the bear/mouse hairband lying on my roommate's table. And spontaneously I decided to be a 'mouse' for the night!


The Mojito cocktail Khim made. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Thanks babe!

Failed version of Mariyln Monroe because Jiin refused to let me draw a huge mole on her face and Minnie Mouse, your blogger.


Have you seen a glutton mouse before? Here you go.

Gorgeously thin Trushna.

Girls with our delicious drinks!


In Khim's room with Jiin.

Looking at the tempting Mojito!

Muax for Khim. She's fun!

Yay. Orgasmic kiss. LOL

Loving her Love deco.

Happy 4 friends. Pic courtesy from Yus, Khim's bf.

Our love :)

Kiss kiss

And the real Halloween party began when we move our clan to Jacintha's room. Here are the peeps. Incomplete.

Hao, the just awake guy, Amy the Devilish mouse, Jiin the fake Marilyn Monroe.

Long time no see.

Tubs the skeleton ghost in pyjamas with a cute toy sitting on his shoulders. Could not even recognized him at first.

Devil, Witch, Hot Mouse

Din the retired soldier that don't look like one. He was just too LAZY to dress up!!!

Wendy: Bang Bang Bang, die!!
Din: Pfft, bored of it.

Take 2 because I was complaining of his specs.

Soldier died and turned to ghost.

Din who looked ridiculously cute with bear's ears, Amy, drunken Simon

Witch, Mouse, Priest.

Simon with his 'buat dek' face, Amy

Mouse turned into Catwoman, the hot Cowgirl and the devilish hot babe with a football.

Lala. We just can't stop taking pictures!~

I like this picture so much. So sweet :)

Jacintha, Amy, Wendy

Dance dance hot ladies!~

Khim the high school girl, Din the retired soldier turned wizard, Wendy the santa with money face, Amy the mouse, Jacintha the cowgirl, Jeya *I think* a glow in the dark face ghost.

Shaun. What was he? I have no idea.

Oi! People taking picture la!

Nice picture of them.

Joey the bloody teary ghost appeared outta nowhere.

She's hot no?

Bang bang bang. LOL. Din's bright red UVULA! LOL. And a scary cross appeared outta nowhere. Again.

Don't know why I was posing with the cup.

The guys..

Take 2.

Din. Amy. Countless Pictures.


Minnie Mouse is SCAREDDDD...


Mouse attacking the cat. WTH. Cross suddenly appeared outta nowhere.

With the cup of vodka + coke.

Sniff sniff at Jiin.

Sniff sniff again.

I like this!

Fav picture of the night! Catwoman's going to eat the mouse.


Mama the 'patrolling' lady at Spartiv came unexpectedly and ruined our party! She banged the door and pushed herself in. Saw the bottles or liquors and took all of them. Asked us to go back to our own respective rooms and sleep. Wth! A party barely started ended cause of her! Grrrrr...

We resorted to...

The guys went to the corridor for a smoke while waiting for mama to leave which she did not.

We were so sad but we got no choice but to take the lift back to our respective rooms. Jiin was already high and dry then.

See what I mean? She's a goner already. Cowgirl ready to hit the sack.

And then Halloween's ended....

The next day

Rise and shine. Kim who was lost the whole night came back.

Peace. Tub's room. Sleepy face without makeup.

High and above.

Posers silly with hangers and wet laundry.

Yesterday night was not enough. Still wanted to be a mouse somemore. LOL

And our trip to Spartiv ended. We headed home tired but we can't rest because we were scheduled to leave for Circus exactly 45 minutes after arriving back to Dom 39.

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