Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Third Perspective

For reader's info, the shoot was done due to request from the photographer himself. I did not hired a photographer to take narcissistic pictures of me. Thank you very much.

*New pic up*

Face of her own

Credits to the photographer who did a wonderful job in capturing the best shots of your blogger, Amyksy. Note of appreciation and thanks to Anaand for loaning me his awesome wardrobe and SooAnn for the makeup and hairdo. 

Caption given by the photographer himself. All rights reserved.


A world in between

In the world of her own *The photographer's and my fav*

More collaborations to come. Cheers to a new found friendship and great working partners. Ample room for improvement on the expression department.


sheilamustaffa said...

i really like all of those pics.its like,so natural of u!take moooreee picss:)

AmyKsy said...

thanks dearieeee!!!!

Kay Renn said...

whoa nice pics
and nice outfit

AmyKsy said...

thanks krenn! miss ya girl