Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A love Story Vol 3

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The photographer spent his free time rummaging through the hundreds of pictures we took a month ago and found some new treasures.

Here are the masterpieces:

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"Love.There is more to it that meets the eye ...
Hope. There is only so much we can aspire for ...
Faith. There is something left when all things seemed lost ...
Enigma. Lost and found..." 

*by far the best new picture*



C'est La Vie



A poem I wrote last night.

The outsider

A stranger emerged in her lonesome days,

With his charming demeanor she could not resist,

The limited blissful times they shared,

The glee that encased them,

It ended untimely.

Mr. Right wasn’t who she thought he is,

With his perplexing past and present,

She could not comprehend,

Perhaps she is just a bystander,

That intruded his booming days.

She chose to leave the abyss she dwelled too long,

Maybe it is better this way,

The insecurities that clouded her senses,

Her delicate heart she desperately guard,

From the jagged spears that threaten to pierce her through.

Slowly but surely,

With heaving steps she marches forward,

Reminiscing the unspeakable desire,

Only time will tell,

When true happiness will bestowed upon her.

Copyrighted 2008 by Amyksy

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