Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yea. I write poetry.



The Kiss

The succulence of your lips,

The whiff of your aftershave,

The gaze in your eyes,

When you tilt towards me,

I spiral out of control.


The passion envelopes us,

The uncontainable desire,

The lust for warm embrace,

When we go wild,

I yearn for you.




The oozing poise as he opens his lips,

With rolling tongue his words surfaced,

Those sweet assuring lexis,

Like dancing amber in cold winter chills,

It’s hard to doubt.


Beneath those beautiful lies,

Lay a complex of bewildering truth,

He dreadfully conceals,

Terrified of the tormenting mockeries,

The massacre.


He masked himself in assorted garnishes,

Away for the prying eyes of the futile beings,

Their meddling nature he despises badly,

Wrapped in his secured cocoon,

There where he belongs.


Copyrighted 2008 by AmyKsy.

Comments are much appreciated! :)


Freestyliquifying said...

seems to b nice poem...

althou much of them i dun get the meaning.... but credit for the effort.

Keep it going!

AmyKsy said...

lame dudekkK!!!!!!
why don't get it?
i thought you're quite good with your language?