Thursday, February 26, 2009


I invited my dearest friends in MMA to have dinner with me, yes I am that thick-skinned on my birthday. Good friends as they are they heed to me and brought me to this marvelous dining place at Prospekt Vernadskaya recommended by Tubs :) I loved the restaurant itself as the interior was nice and so was the food.

The interior. Very oriental!

Dear dear Jiin with me.

Sweet and sour soup as appetizer. Yum Yum!

I was dreaming about Peking Duck for ages! And we ordered it! It was SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I am still yearning for it now :(

Had to order taufu because Yus was the Malay in the group. But it had pork inside nonetheless. I don't really fancy taufu so it was alright for me only.

This is super delicious! Sweet & sour fried chicken fillet!

This is first time I fancy a vegetable dish so much! Although it was a tad too oily but it was crunchy and delicious!

This picture was taking by Jiin. Thanks dear!

Camwhore again!

Totally candid and it was the worst facial expressions both of us had. Haha.

Why look so serious?

Tubs and mua.

The sweet couple, Khim & Yus.

Our big round table.

Showing off our outfits for the day. Haha.

Full body with Sexy Khim.

Posing in front of the chandelier.

Jiin & me.

'Eh eh, take candid picture. Don't look at the camera and pretend you guys were completely taken off guard!' haha.

Fried caramel banana! Trust me, it's good stuff!

Poser Amy.

Yay! Group picture!

The last picture before leaving the restaurant. Mirror on the wall!

p/s: Thanks dearies, Tubs, Jiin, Khim and Yus for the dinner treat! Love ya all! And thanks Jiin for the 3 lovely tights as my pressies! :D

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