Friday, February 27, 2009

Starlight Diner

Asrul and I agreed on having an early lunch on Sunday. He chose Starlight diner as I have not been there before and the reviews given from my other friends were quite commendable. I totally love the diner! It felt so 'American'. It brought back nostalgic memories during the early days of my life when I was in the States for 3 weeks. It also looked like the dining place that they have at the pit stops in the usual American movies. Hehe. I am so going back to the restaurant again and again!


Taken with Asrul's iphone. Nice pic! :D

He taught me how to take picture using my cam with the sepia mode. Haha. Never explore my camera that much to know its function.

The cute little girl with her bro.

Super delicious Vanilla milkshake.

A cup of coffee.

My huge burger set. Yummy.

Asrul's breakfast set.

My turqoise leggings. Thanks Jiin :D

My present! Love it Love it! CKIN2U.

Using my cam.

The ambience.

The table next to ours.


Awkward smile.

Went to the nursery section of the diner. Look at them cute kids!

He was actually staring at me at first. And then finally giving me his sweet smile and cute face!

I never got the chance to look her face. Sweet love sweater.

Part-time Nanny at work. Haha.

Cutey pie.

All in all I had a great time during lunch and then proceeded to go window shopping and I couldn't resist the temptation and bought myself another trench coat! Ahhhhh!!!!

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