Friday, February 13, 2009

Romantic Venice Part 1

Woke up around 5am the next day and all of us got ready to board the train to Venice. Everyone was punctual this time around because we learn a good lesson not to be late anymore to avoid unnecessary complications. The ride was smooth and short. Probably because I slept the whole way there again. Haha, seemed like I am that much deprived of my sleep :P We reached close to noon and when we walked out of the train station, I stood there dumbstruck. I love how the houses looked so serene and pretty on top of the river. I have always been a water person so yea, when I get close to anything remotely close to the sea I will get all excited and bubbly.

On the train to Venice. Look at my 'barely' noticeable sleepy eyes. 3 huge bags of mine, but only 2 visible. The pink one weighted 8kgs while my trolley bag, 14 kgs. Imagine carrying that the whole backpacking journey. The consequences of needing to look good :P

Took us again quite some time to find the hostel as Venice is like a huge maze with small alleys to walk in and each turn you make might bring you to a whole new area. This is followed by you losing your way and tracking back the route to the main 'alley' again where you will again ask the passerby for help. Finally after close to an HOUR finding for the hostel with its name full of glory 'BEST B&B VENICE' we expected the hostel to be more than satisfactory.

But to our HORROR, it was situated at some shabby street, separated from the rest of the happening streets. And there was no signboard at all. Only its name listed on the beeper metal plate next to the small door leading up to the upper floors. The hostess could not speak English for nuts hence we had a hard time communicating with her. With no computer and internet provided although I was almost sure that the reviews given for the hostel was one of the top ones in the hostel booking website I ventured. WEIRD! Maybe all of the comments were fake and made by the hostel management themselves! The whole hostel was empty with only us as their own guests for the 1st night. Talk about creepy!

But nothing can dampened my mood to see beautiful side of Venice. We all took shower and out we went!

I love the walls of each building. With its run-down, old, vintage look.

Alley emo.

You will pass by every other small Venetian canals every few blocks. Love the background.

Sepia mode for vintage feel.

Masquerade everywhere!


Lonny and I.

Love love love Venice!

Orange bench. The striking contrast.

Moi Moi Moi.

Couldn't stop taking these kind of pictures! It was irresistible! Every crook and cranny I could find a place that was perfect for camwhoring purposes!

Sweet, subtle, edgy.

Kisses for Juan.

Next to Rialto Bridge.


Grand canal view from Rialto Bridge.

4 of us.

Overpriced gondolas. 20 euro per person for per ride.

Tiger tiger roarrrrr

p/s: 2nd part up soon!


Anonymous said...

best pic : lamp post + leg up

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Awwww.. Italy, Italy!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

And what's Anibaz?

AmyKsy said...

[wicrap] haha. wonder why you think that's the best one.

[gorgeous ol' eve loves vanilla] haha yea, italy's gorgeous. I don't know what anibaz meant. probably a person's name. :P