Sunday, February 15, 2009

Romantic Venice Part 2

Facade of St Mark's Basilica.

Piazza San Marco.

Street vendor.

Eekim and me.

Pigeons and Amy in Venice!

There was no rice on my hand yet it flew to me! Yay!

Trying to touch them. Obviously couldn't!

Pretty lamp post.

The view from San Marco.


Whatever that is.

Gondola Service anyone?


Love the striking blue gondolas. (All scenery pictures taken by yours truly, Amyksy)

From another view.

Paintings to sell.

Friendly policemen.

Managed to capture a gondola in action. Though the timing wasn't precise!

The replicas of the Horses of Saint Mark in the museum. We thought it was the Basilica itself but turned out it was a 4 euro wasted for a tiny museum visit. Felt cheated that time actually.

While walking pass Piazza San Marco I noticed a couple getting their pictures taken with the pigeons by an independent street photographer. The whole set was perfect and beautiful. I managed to snap a few shots! This was the best pic among the rest!

Ahhh, romantic! *dreamy look*

As the sun sets, the night life begins. Or so I thought. A small carnival next to the canal.

To Venice with Love.

We were famished after walking the whole day. Headed to a pizzeria for dinner. Food was prepared by a Chinese family. The irony part was eating Italian food prepared by China people. Aih, went to the wrong pizzeria but it was the cheapest amongst the rest. No choice.

Finally with the jackets off!

Our pizzas!
Top: Vegetarian pizza (Lonny & Juan)
Bottom: Ham & fungi mushroom pizza (Amy & Eekim)
Verdict: 6.5 /10 (not to bad!)

Spaghetti Carbonara that Eekim insisted on ordering because come on it's a famous Italian dish!
Verdict: 3/10 (awful!)

It was still early around 7ish pm. We decided to hang out since Venice was after all good for sight seeing during the day. Entered this posh restaurant opposite the pizzeria and ordered coffees. Yea, I never drank that much of coffee all my life, thanks to Juan the coffee addict who influenced all of us for coffee breaks!

My face looked so ROUND in this picture. Why oh why??

Again, simplicity is beauty. Love the walls and deco.


Melted makeups!

2nd stop: A small cafe opposite our hostel. It was raining the whole night! Resorted to Coke Light, my favorite soft drink ever! :P

Next up: Murano

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