Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Murano & Burano

*Additional pictures on Venice*

The handsome boatman.

Notice the two amused guys in the background.


The sea

Grand Canal again.

Hit the market early in the morning because all of us decided to cook dinner ourselves. It was drizzling when we stepped out of our hostel. But weather got better as the day progressed.

The fishmonger was not camera shy.


Cauliflower in the oddest shape.

Look at the clouds! But beautiful nonetheless.

Wet market.

Small port.

We had 2 options for the day. Either splurge 20 euros for a 30min gondola ride or buy a 15 euro day pass for the Water Metro. Decided to go for the 2nd option as it was more practical. Headed over to Murano, the glass-making island of the Venetian Lagoon.

Unfortunately, we took the wrong Water Metro and ended up somewhere else. Had to wait for the correct ride to Murano again.

The wrong stop.

Aww, the Grandmother was so cute! LOL.


Peeping us.

I wanted to jump into the old boat but it wasn't very stable. Decided not to. LOL.

Glass statue

Poser in strike again!

Holy water or something.

Inspired by someone who captured a picture of 2 windows.

Murano was deserted probably it was low season for travelers. Headed over to Burano, the island famous for its lacework and colorfully painted houses.

The sky was gloomy on the way there.

Greeted by this statue when we reached the harbor. Juan took a keen interest on the NAKED statue :P

The grandpa was standing in front of his house greeting the tourists as they passed by. Took the opportunity to take a picture with him for courtesy sake.

Friendly grandma.

Outside this cute store.

Colorfully painted houses with San Martino's campanile in the distance.

As usual.

Striking yellow!

Sweet pink.

Lounging in front of people's house. LOL. I was lucky not to be chased away with a broomstick.

Red crane with the lady in red.

Love this picture! Thanks to Eekim for the pic.

Smile like you never smile before.

The ferry back to Venice!

The last view of Venice before it got dark.

We decided to rest early and left for Florence early in the morning.

Up next: Florence and Pisa!

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