Friday, February 20, 2009

Florence & Pisa


Valentine dinner

Japenese restaurant - Ichiban Boshi

Dessert at Chocolatnitsa

(Bad image quality because I used my phone cam)


Took the earliest train to Florence for a half day trip. This city is known for its history and importance in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, especially for its art and architecture.

Wherever there are tourists, there are beggars.

Merry go round.

Santa Maria del Fiore.

Lonny, Amy, Juan in front of the main portal of the cathedral.

Its beautiful dome.


Another view.

Near Piazza della Signoria.

I mistook it for the copy of David di Michelangelo. Hot chics for you AdamC!

What do you call this profession?

Arno River.

Love locks.

She posed. I captured.

My first Panini in Italy! It was scrumptious. Fungi mushroom with roasted chicken.



We left Florence a little over noon and headed to Pisa located an hour or so away from Florence.

It's the LEANING TOWER OF PISA!!! woooo..
We've been taught since primary school about Pisa. And I finally got to see the building with my own eyes!

It is beautiful.

Optical illusion.

kawaii japanese girls!

Its full glory.

Mei took a picture of her sleeping nicely on the same bed of grass in Pisa! I thought of you Mei and I rolled on the grass myself! :P


Lonny ruined all of my pics!!! :(

Piazza del Miracoli.

Nice pic!

Met a travelling Malaysian family! Took pictures with their adorable kids!

Forgot their names! :( Alister and?

Scenic view of Baptistery of the Cathedral.

Lifting it up.

Awww, another cute baby.

Arno River.

Up next: Rome tour!

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