Monday, February 23, 2009

Vatican City

And we proceeded to Rome from Pisa. We reached the city at night and hastily headed over to the hostel nearby to catch some sleep. Woke up early the next morning and had breakfast before going to 'Vatican City' ,our first destination in Rome. Note that we only had 2 full days to cover Vatican City and Rome itself. This city was by far the most tiring and hasty one throughout this winter trip.

Against the blue sky.

Vatican City. The capital city of Italy. Overlooking St Peter's square and St Peter's basilica.

Eekim and I on a bright sunny day.

The Egyptian Obelisk from Circus of Nero.

The lamp post as the main object.

Wanted to show you guys my outfit for the day :)

The bright and the dark.

Candid? Or not :P

Joined the free tour guide of St Peter's Basilica. It was informative!

Under construction!!!! :(

The ceiling.

Everything was build at such a large scale you lose your perception of how big everything actually is.

Sculpture of Mary and Jesus by Michaelangelo.

Believe it or not. The altar can fit into the small hole up the dome and disappear out of sight.

Totus tuus (Totally yours) referring to the devotees and their undying love to Christianity imprinted on the floors of the basilica.

Camwhore on the 'holy' steps.

The Swiss guards.

My view.

Against the rays.

Me at the Park of the Vatican Museum.


The globe.

School kids.

Ah Ma's. :P

Some statue.

During the Napoleon war. I like this painting exceptionally due to its vibrant colors.


Mary and Jesus.

It took us half a day to visit the Vatican before we proceed to the rest of Rome.

The young mom at Piazza del Popolo.

Piazza di Spagna, one of the famous Roman Square with its 'butterfly' like layout.

The Barcaccia fountain.
It is adorned by the coats of arms of the papal family, the Barberini and according to legend, it is the reproduction of a royal boat which ran aground here due to river flood.

As we climb up.

The shadows.

View from up.



Basilica St Maria.

The fountain.

Checking out the book stall.

Headed back to the hostel for free dinner which consists of free flow of macaroni. Felt like puking after grabbing two plates, but I was famished that time. Headed over to Mcds for supper. Haha, talk about binging.

We thought of seeing Rome at night but came back disappointed because there wasn't really much to see :( Rested early for a full day walking tour the next day!

Up next: Rome 1

p/s: Thanks again for the wishes and pressies and cakes and dinner/lunch treats! Happy birthday to Amyksy! She has officially turn 22~ Pictures up soon!

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