Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rome 2

This post is mostly dedicated to pictures of Colosseum.

Amyksy with the prestige amphitheater.

The facade

Its interior

Majestic view

Living the dream.

I took tons of pictures of the Colosseum.

Arco di Constantino & Colosseum

From the outside

Love this picture.

Are you bored yet?

Santa Maria Maggiore


Creepy background.

What was I looking at?

I was afraid the horse will kick me on the face for being so near to it.

Arco di Constantino again.

Circo Massimo (the field where the Romans use to do sports)


Temple of Hercules

Santa Maria di Cosmedin where the Mouth of Truth lays.

An artist at work.

2 historical buildings in a frame.
Monument Victorio Emanuelle II & Santa Maria in Aracoeli (Church).

Its Gothic interior with beautiful chandeliers.

Monument Victorio Emanuelle II

This is the end of Rome trip. Up next: Naples

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