Sunday, March 15, 2009

The day when men are slaves.

Women's day

A time to cherish women, to appreciate their blessed ability (fertility for example) and to give them a day of happiness and leisure. :P

I was out early in the morning that day for my virgin studio jamming experience. (click)

Asrul invited me for a dinner night out since it was Women's day. We agreed to meet up at Spartiv metro station where he escorted me to the restaurant that he had been wanting to go for a long time. Cafe 1925 if not mistaken. He turned out with a stalk of rose which took me by surprise because I wasn't expecting anything at all. Haha.

The setting was vintage and antique. I love how warm and cosy the restaurant is.

We sat next to the window and he was talking about how nice it would be if we were to be sipping coffee as we watched the snow flakes falling down gently to the pavement.
Too bad the view we had was dirty snows laying on the ground!

The latest score update of MMA's futsal league. I was amused at the comical names they put for their respective teams.
Eg: Zombi Kampung Pisang

I love the coffee I ordered. Paris Bistro just to have the 'Paris-y' moment LOL.

Asrul's latte.

Took a snap of the interior.

Vintage turntable and the pretty lamp.



I love their presentation of food. Small restaurant with a touch of fine dining.

His duck salad.

My homemade mince meat cutlets. Tasty.

Amyksy with the food.

The rose. I took it in discreet when Asrul went off to the loo.

Engrossed with the turntable.

We took a stroll at the park nearby his place. It looked so different from how it was when I went there 2 years ago during summer. But it was still beautiful nonetheless with the lake completely covered with frozen ice and snow with an area of beautiful cathedrals at the side of the lake.


2 roses on my table with my messy deco board. Haven't really been revamping it since first year. Haha. *Mei can you spot our pictures there?* lol

Not a fan of dolls and cutesy stuff. But I like this Princess bear. Thanks Joy group.

Origami bird & the Rose.

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