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Sore throat (pharyngitis) is very common. It is usually caused by an infection in the throat. Soreness in the throat may be the only symptom. In addition, you may also have a hoarse voice, mild cough, fever, headache, feel sick, feel tired, and the lymph nodes in your neck may swell. *exactly what I am having now :(*


*Newly added*

Was just playing a fool with this song. Busu recorded it out of a sudden. We don't know the lyrics to it! But it's funny haha.

Let's stop blogging about my winter break and focus on my life in Moscow this time around.
I have been practicing in this band or better said as 'our band' for the past few months. At first I saw the advertisement in our uni's forum asking for lead singer for a band. So I thought why not? Another new experience in life. A whole new field to explore. I sent in my name and soon was called for a small audition.

Wow, I thought I pretty much screwed up and gone were my chance. I was very jittery when I had to sing in front of the band members (judges). But yea, after a few weeks Busu (band leader) text me and told me that I got in.

I was ecstatic and anxious to began my new journey :P And soon we had our practice every weekend, sometimes for 2 days in a row. After that we had a month's break due to final exams and my winter trip and we back on track mid February.

Last week we finally get the chance to jam in a studio.

As in a REAL one.

Gosh! I have never jam in any studio before. (minus the olden days where I learn acoustic guitar at yamaha music center). I was actually looking forward for the weekend to come. Had my Pebbles futsal training on Friday night at 1130pm till 0100am and was told by Busu that we had to leave hostel the next day at 700am as the studio is located quite far away!

I was like WTH! Slumbered at 330am and got up at 630am. The jamming place was UBER COOL! You'll never get the chance to jam anywhere else in the world that is the same as in this studio at Kurskaya, Moscow.

We took quite some time finding our way after getting out of the metro. But it was the correct compound that leads to the studio. Mind you, the whole area is HUGE. And each and every factory-like place is like an underground music hideout!

The guys with their gears!

Run down

How the studio alley looks like. haha.

You have to change into slippers in order to enter the jamming room. At least the walls are painted :P

yay. The jamming room. The interior wasn't too shabby.

Busu (Leader of our band, Mi Corazon *which means my heart in spanish according to Busu*)

Amyksy, lead singer :P

Bassist, Chatichai

Lounging while waiting for our turn.

There are different theme colors for different rooms.
Eg: Green and Orange

The dining place looks like prison. LOL.

Another room. I guess anyone who's not from Russia will be disgusted or shocked if they were to come jamming in this studio. But I find it cool nevertheless hehe.


Lepak place.

The amplifiers.

Chatichai warming up the drums.

Seth, a senior whom I just met that day. An excellent electric guitarist. I am amazed.

Yay. Our drummer, Sam playing the electric guitar. All of them are versatile. Can change roles any time.

Ipan, bassist.

He looks.

As they practiced.

Now you see me in action :P

Playing a fool.

He sang Don't speak by No Doubt.
Its a good song.


Emo time.

Amy posing with the drums! I think I want to learn to play drums :P

The drum set.

This is the entrance of the toilet.

The sink place. Looks like shitz..

Another picture of the wall.

Disco ball.

The broken cymbals as lighting. Creative no?

It was times up for us. We jammed for 3 hours from 9-12pm. So we lounged at the area for awhile.

The wall.

Why is the thermometer there?

Look up! Trumpet as lighting.

This was what lighted the stairs to the underground studio.

The owner of the studio was amazed at our presence because it is not an everyday thing foreigners got to know about their studio and come for jamming. He requested to take pictures of us with his camera.

From left: Amy, Ipan, Sam, Busu, Seth, Chai.
*All of us got 'nama glamour' hahaha :P*

Yes. thumbs up! :P

I made the sign out of impulse. What does it mean?

I don't know why the owner had a particular interest in taking my picture. Probably I was the only girl there. Haha.

We walked back to the entrance and saw this. Aih, great spot for photoshoots :P

Vintage, old rundown. Love the feel.

Rock it people! :)

Stop, turn around and smile :)

The abandoned oval building.

Yikes. The cymbals are HEAVY. No kidding!

Milk Agency. Music and Production.
*Dreaming of our band being famous* :P

One of them buildings.

I was curious on how the interior of the abandoned building looked like.

The roof came down and the snow poured over the ground.

Eerie but cool.


Out of the blue we saw this tanglung hanging. Wth! This is Russia! Not China! :P


While walking to the metro to head home.

An impulsive shot. The whole scene caught my eye.

Bye bye. Hope to come jamming again soon!

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