Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Capri part 2

So lets continue with the 2nd batch of Capri pictures.

Camwhorer with sunglasses on.


You just can't stop lo0king at the scenery.


The bench and the gorgeous view.

Me want too~

Haha, the Alliance bank in Capri is extremely small and look at its signboard!
Just an artsy decorated marble.

The don't s


Branded store

When you're facing the sun.

We took a small route to the other side of Capri.

And the view continued to take our breath away.

Sit and pose if you may.

Arco Naturale!

Some yellow plant.

Sniff sniff.

The arco naturale from another side.

yay! Napoli flag!

WOW. Imagine you guys seeing this in reality. :P Jealous?

I feel like jumping into the ocean right on that time if it wasn't for the freezing weather!


The usual thang.

As the waves hit the rocks.

Poser. And it was worth it.

I have always like posing in front of entrances/doors/gates. But look! It's a 'suey' number according to Eekim. So, what did I do?

Cover the number 24 loh! Haha. Ish, chinese with our supersititions!

The view on the way back to the centre.

My ti amo. Love the pic!


hehe, I was allowed to drive the mini truck or something.

Map of Capri.

At the port waiting to get onboard.

My last view of Capri as we set asail back to Naples.

All in all it had been a beautiful day trip to Capri. It truly lived up to its fame and glory as one of the most beautiful islands of time :P I wished I could have gone there during summer and lay at the seaside sunbaking to death!

OOpss, totally forgotten about Pompeii! Our LAST destination in Italy before departing from Naples to Milan to catch our flight to Barcelona, my favorite place in this trip!

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