Saturday, March 07, 2009

Capri oh you're beautiful!

Presenting to you the breathtaking Capri, an Italian Island off the Sorrentine Peninsula. I was dying to get there because of the literature book we read during our high school years entitled The Pearl which featured Capri as the most beautiful island the character has ever seen in his life.

But first, pictures of Naples.

The scenery at our room's balcony. Nice port.

Bella capri, our hostel.


Amyksy on board!

We nearly missed our ferry to Capri due to improper time management and discipline again. I nearly lost my temper at my travel mates or maybe I did lost my temper. LOL.

I ran to the front deck the moment the ferry set sail.

The industrial area.

Was just being playful with the orange ropes.

Beautiful Mount Vesuvius.

The boat crews were ever so friendly when they saw us lounging at the front deck, they cordially invited us over to the control room :D

And guess what?

The captain allowed me to maneuver the ferry. :P
Just joking, he put it on auto mode :P

Posing at the stairs.

And then, we finalled reached Capri. And it was raining heavily :( We had no choice but to seek shelter at the nearest cafe.


It's not mine but I still posed with it haha.

And...the rain stopped!

These boats.

Ceremar, the ferry we took to get to Capri.

The truck is so petite and cute. I'm even taller than it!

I found a spot to camwhore!

The abandoned.

A view at the seaside.

It's all blue babe!

The cute shuttle bus to the main center of Capri located on top of the hills!

Random shot.

View on the shuttle bus.

Blue blue blue!

At the centre: Posing with that piece of art. haha.

Panini e Bibite: Meaning food and drinks.




Them gorgeous pictures!

Behold the view from top! Breathtaking ain't it?

The port from afar.

Luxurious housing.

Through the binoculars (was just posing with it!)

:P :P :P

So tell me guys, is Capri beautiful? Wait, I am not done yet. Capri Part 2 coming up! :D You wouldn't want to miss it!

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