Sunday, April 05, 2009

Barcelona Hype

Bruno, the cute Brazilian. We met him at the Milan airport and coincidentally he was going to Barcelona on the same flight as us as well. So we decided to stay in the same hostel and hang out throughout our short trip in Barcelona.

The Barcelona Underground

Weee, I had 3 full days of fast food in Barcelona. Just couldn't control my hunger anymore after 2 weeks of strict diet (we did not eat much throughout the first 2 weeks in Italy).

And then we went shopping. Oh Barcelona is the ultimate place for shopping frenzy! I hunted for clothes and all the pretty stuff daily my feet was too numb to feel the pain of walking 10 hours a day! Haha.

And how can we not club in Barcelona? It's the no 1 rule NOT TO BE BROKEN!
I say those who did not went to at least 1 club in Barcelona, dude, you should really feel sorry for yourself! We met 2 sweet Londoners in the club, Gemma Finch and Laura Finch. Since the older sister is hot, the Spanish pervs can't stop harassing her till Burno had to come to the rescue. LOL

Dance till your body can't move anymore~
But sadly the club sucked!

Eekim and me.

Nice dragon graffiti in one of the malls.

It was freezing cold but we were clueless on where to go next. So we stood outside in the cold for 30 minutes talking and laughing away way past midnight. Nice experience though. We bumped into friends from Naples as well. What coincidence! Oh, I look so petite when I am around Europeans I feel so tiny in comparison to feeling like a giant next to Asians cause of the smaller body build. :P :P

The lounging floor in our hostel.

The Paseo De Gracia view.

We met our 5th year senior, Kuan Mun, and 2 6th year seniors in Barcelona. What are the odds eh?

One of the monuments along the way to La Rambla.

Bruno and I went out for a full day sightseeing around La Rambla. Eekim went to Barcelona before so she did not join us that day.

Hard Rock Barcelona in the background. Small place. Nothing special about it.

Weee! Spotting this extremely adorable baby boy at the park.

Hehe. Look at his cute facial expression. Probably wasn't too happy I was stalking him for 1 minute :P hehe


Pigeons again! I took pictures of them countless of times since the beginning of the trip. Can't blame me, you can hardly see this much of pigeons anywhere else! The baby was feeding the pigeons with the mom close at watch. So cute!

The baby's mom gave me some of the rice so I could feed the pigeons. How sweet and kind of her.

A lot of pigeons!!!! The movement of their wings nearly blew my dress up.

Fun and exciting as usual!!!!

p/s: Band audition ended. One word. DISASTROUS!!!!!
Awfully sad and emo now :( :( :(

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