Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A day out in Barcelona

I took tons of pictures in Barcelona so you can't blame me for having multiple posts about this beloved city of mine =P hehe. Still more to come in the future.

We were supposed to be searching for some famous cemetery but went the wrong way and stumbled upon this small playground with the kids playing football. I never knew that Spanish people, adult and kids alike are that rude. I was trying to capture a good moment of them kicking football with my camera until one of them saw me and shouted at me in Spanish with his angered face and over-exaggerated hand movements. Turned out that he was scolding me in Spanish 'Don't take pictures of us, you Bitch!' as what Bruno told me since he's fluent in Spanish and Italian as well. Aih, got scolded for nothing. Thank god I did not understand what the kid was saying at that time or I would have slap him at the face *if he does not assault me first* LOL

Concentrating on the map.

One of the Squares. Nice fountain. Nice picture. hehe.

Yea, the clown was furious when I took his picture without his acknowledgment. We were supposed to 'tip' them if we want their face captured with our cameras.

The he-she was too occupied with the rest of the tourists to be bothered of me taking picture of him/her. LOL

The gnome says No!

The gold man

Infamous Mersat

Assorted flowers

Golden ladies

There's a will there's a way but there's no way I will tip you =P
Yea I am evil like that haha =P

Evil Medusa! She saw me taking out my camera and quickly bow her head down! A few hours later, I saw her in normal attire with the pewter paint still on her face sheltering herself from the pouring rain eating Mcds.

La Rambla street. I'll always remember you.

Bruno has a liking for taking pictures of signboards.

Against the sun. Black & grey.

Admiring the beautiful scenery at the port.

Hehe. I wasn't smiling in the first picture. Hence the 2nd pic.

2 dogs coming close.

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YannMay said...

are they really that rude? oh my.