Friday, April 10, 2009

It's going to be Friday

Everyone's hyped up because Friday's drawing near! For me? Well, it's just another ordinary day although yea, I do not have to attend classes tomorrow. Planning to go get myself a vintage lomo cam! Weee, I finally found that I actually have passion for photography too! :D Both ways though. I like being photographed and to be the one behind the lens. Can't wait to explore my new baby if I ever get to buy it tomorrow! Fingers crossed! :D

Vintage lomo cam!!!


Another thing which I am in craze about is shopping! Omg, I have been online window shopping the whole friggin' week! And the outcome? Pestered Mei to help me pay most of the stuff that I were obsessed about and the packages are going to arrive at her house tomorrow! Yay! Haha. Behold some of the wearables I compulsively bought!

It was a hot seller item last month! Mei reserved a studded belt for me! Weee!!

The gorgeous leggings on the right! Hot!!

Red black love killer heels!!!

My FAV: Vintage oxford shoes!

Woohooo! You have no idea how many people actually was dying for the shoes! I actually failed to buy a gorgeous vintage shirt from the online site because it was reserved by someone before me! Phewww, thank God I was fast enough this time! Can't wait to wear it!!

Grey skinnies from Mei's shopping site! :D clickkkk to shop!!!

Vintage ruffles long sleeve shirt!

Still studded craze! Bought the black studded skirt! :D

Going to see all my LOVELIES in June!

Massad Audition 2009

As you guys probably knew, the audition did not went well for our band. We had to work hard for the last chance next week. I really hope things can work out fine! Spirit to fight! Roarrrrr!!!


Busu, Amy.

Wee, with music written all over it!

Concentrating. But turned out nothing :(

Candid. I don't like how I look in this picture! Give me nicer shots please! :P

Sam! You're the man!!

Another band performing. Awesome singing by Murat.

Clapping hands.

Serious moment in dancing. Weee, kind of cute right? =P


YannMay said...

i can't get my eyes off those e-boutiques and it's even harder to get my hands of them clothes. been e-shopping like crazy it makes me feel guilty >.< and ms dainty dresser is your fren!

AmyKsy said...

yes yann shopping is crazy!

buy stuff from dainty dresser, im sure shes going to give you discount if you say you know me! hehe