Sunday, April 12, 2009

Smena 8m hunt!

It all started with Layla posting up pictures of her new found treasures, the Lomo Cameras in Fbook. The cams looked so vintage and I soon lusted to own one myself. So I asked around and finally Jimmy aka Wai Loon aka Nazmi agreed to accompany me to get my own lomo! Weeee, I was so excited I couldn't sleep the whole night before. LOL. It was worth it. The shop was cool and the items sold there are uber vintage =) And thanks to Jimmy, pictures of myself during our wondrous day turned out as gorgeous as ever! Behold!

I used Sepia mode for almost all the shots because its VINTAGE day. Yea!~


Lomos & Rolleiflex

His lifetime of collections I supposed, and up for sale at that!

Antique clock

The friendly uncle checking whether the lomo is still working or not.

Weee, me with FED 5B. But too bulky for my liking. I will consider buying it in the near future. Haha.

Jimmy with his FED 2.

Uncle again.

Yea. The 1st ever Starbucks in Moscow, Russia located right opposite the camera shop.

Picture of his collections again.

He was so friendly but he can't smile in front of the camera!

I bought my lomo and we soon departed and start experimenting and taking pictures both with our lomos and our own digicam.

Graffiti wall in Sepia mode.

With vivid colors.

Love this candid picture of mine. Behold my outfit for the day. I made an effort to dress up as it has been a DAMN LONG TIME since I took a step out from Konkova. Sigh.

A very satisfied Amyksy.

Gold ballerina statue.


The last time my photographer tried taking pictures of me at this graffiti wall during the earlier times of my photography days, we were chased away by a dozen hooligans demanding money from us. They claimed the graffiti wall is their property and since we are taking pictures of it, we had to pay them. Wth!~ But this time around, the coast was clear so we took a few pictures. Thanks Jimmy cause I love the pictures =D

Looking away.


Hahaha. The picture ruined by my stupid MNG bag!

I take you, you take me!

Ok, I am satisfied with this picture. hehe.

Russian paintings of St Basil's in Sepia mode.

Against the sunny rays in vivid colors.

A more countryside approach.

Smena 8m. Plastic like, but cute nonetheless =P

Happy with our lomos at MCDs!

And it was time to head back home. The crowded metro.

Comfy shoes with a prominent puddle on the floor.

The bus ride. MBK marked on the window.


Torned stockings.

And we started camwhoring with all sorts of stupid stunts. This one with me putting the lomo on my head. How lame can I be? =P

Listen to the sound of Lomo.
Omg, it was so hilarious when we saw the outcome of the picture.

Showing off.

Listen to the sound of Lomo Part 2.

Dreamy smile to end the post!


Jimms said...

hahaha~such a great day babe..great pic..great lomo 2..great3..=)nxt time we go n find anther place 4 shoot k..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Nice, nice, nice!
Did you get a brand new one or it's second-hand?

Unknown said...

jimmy!!! yea, lets do it again one day soon!! :D can't wait!!

hey chin joo, all lomos sold are hand-me-downs. probably more than second hands! 1970-80s!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ahhhh.. must have been very cheap then! Good purchase, ya.

LOMO rocks. Hope you'll have fun with it :)

Anonymous said...

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