Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MASSAD a little too late

Current sadness!

I was waiting for her updates, and when I did place my order, it was all booked out! Damn it! Those girls are quick! I want this pair of shoes!!! :( :(



It has been more than 2 weeks since MASSAD stormed RSMU. I managed to retrieve those pretty pictures not long ago from another university, MMA since my partner for the night, Asrul from MMA happened to be my unofficial photographer for the night. Thank you again for the uptenth time. It was an amazing event. Kudos to 2nd years once again.

Pictures time!

2 5th year senior, Iznee & Kak Alan.

Photographer kaki, Shafiq. Nice gun!

Junior, Alice

Boon Beng. You looked great that night.

Syed from MAI.

Asrul, partner for the night.

Sam, drummer for Tesla Coil. Ex-Mi Corazon member. hehe.

Rafiq, you rocked the song.

Most photogenic award winner, Soojin.

In between turquoises.

Mascot, Balshoi!

Asrul, Amy.

Two partners.

Angel, Lingtze, Amy, Janet.

Again, we wanted a perfect shot.

Billy, President of MASSAD. Good job!

Leelee, MASSAD Queen 2009.

Amy, Irise the Cleopatra goddess, Angeline, Jamie.

Want you guys to look at the pretty earrings I got from Venice, Italy.

Angel, Amy.

The deep-friend fish. Delicious!

Signed banner.

PK and Amy. (He's a sleeping pig! =P)

With the couple, Eric and Mei Siu.

Old friend, Jo. Since SIT college days! Dated 5 years ago!

Classmate, Chong with his girlfriend, Ruey Ying.

Sweet pretty girl, Raihan.

Cute Nadia, frm MMA.

Wrap it up with the girl's picture.
Angel, Amy, Anne Dora Tan, Ying Qian.


ifeelnofret said...

http://ifeelnofret.blogspot.com/ — дружим?

♥**TeE**♥ said...

OMG that shoes are so define, Amy..looked at the pics everybody did enjoy themself that's great:)And I love ur dress.

AmyKsy said...

[tee] thanks dear!!! i got the shoes!!