Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sight seeing in Volgo

I had the entire Saturday free on the 2nd day of Volgames 2009. I can opt to go to the sports hall to support my fellow mates, or to make a wise move of traveling in Volgo, make full use of its rich history, gorgeous scenery and enjoy the company of 2 my photography friends. I did both. I woke up around 10am and started preparing to look presentable. My hotel mate, Moyie had her handball game that day so she left early. I went and explored Mamaef Kurgan by myself and a little over noon I decided to go watch the handball teams (male & female) in action. But the sports hall was located far from the hotel we stayed in. It was such luck that I bumped into 2 friendly Volgo girls who brought me to the handball sports hall. I stayed there for some time cheering for my team mates, when the futsal guys who were there felt hungry so we left for lunch at MCDs in Volgo. Shafiq, Dinie and I who coincidentally are photography freaks decided to walk around Volgo capturing some great shots.

All pictures taken by Amyksy unless she was captured in the picture.

Russian chickas sunbathing

I love this picture. A reflection on Shafiq's visors.

Old school - vintage


I zoomed in to the cute baby bouncing on the playhouse.

I want to ride on them too, if I was 15 years younger.

Merry go round at the bank of the river.

Cute leggings.


Unedited version of them flowers.

Ambik gambar beramai-ramai.


Old friend from secondary school, Hae Mun. She was my senior back then. And we met up in Volgograd.

I'm loving them graffiti.

I yearned for the spring heat as the weather changed abruptly to sudden coldness.


Get SET go.

Reaching for the sky.

Old jet plane during the WWII.


Flowers on the road side.

I like the sporty woman on the right. Colors.

Train tracks behind.

A gorgeous cathedral on top of the hill. I managed to capture this wonderful shot. So happy!

Consecutive shots of them newly-weds. (Click for larger view)

Mamaef Kurgan

Its sad to learn about the latest news about this statue. Its on the verge on collapsing as the foundation has weakened over the years!

Lomo on Dinie.

Friends in MCDs for lunch after the handball match.

The lines.


yeowhq said...

just love your shot!well done!!

AmyKsy said...

thanks dear!

Anonymous said...

i never made i to the top of the hill where the base of the statue is located.. argGH.. wanna go there again!!!

AmyKsy said...

hahahaha TAI SEI. should be able to go there in the future gua...