Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 different looks, 3 different days.

Outfit 1

DD and I went to Arbat on Sunday since we had 4 consecutive holidays in conjunction with Victory's Day. As usual, I wanted a feminine look with a touch of sophistication. Thus, this was what I came out with.

Black tux with my white doll dress for a perfect combination.

We went hunting for lomos too. Holga lomo. So cute.

Poser as usual. Love sepia mode.

It was a bright sunny day!!! My Smena 8m hanging on my neck.


Outfit 2

We decided to have our late dinner at PAPA JOHNS PIZZA!!
I love the BBQ pizza and the other stuff that we ordered! It was delicious! More pictures of them food in the future. I wore DD's shirt and turn it into a sexy boyfriend shirt.

With the same clincher. I don't own much accesories.

With black shorts and leggings to elongate my stumpy legs!

Wooo..trying to show off. -_-''

Outfit 3

At the park on a Thursday evening


Flying kiss.
I just came back from class that day. Thus it was a playful boyish look.

Promod Vest, black long sleeve topshop shirt, Pull&Bear skinnies, Adidas white sneakers.


♥**TeE**♥ said...

Alo my dear Amy.. I nieh silent reader you lor..hehhehe love your style..I hope you don't mind I link your blog in mine..^_^

Anonymous said...

love your serpia pictures...

ChiroBie said...

A sexy boyfriend's shirt ? ? ? Hehm Hehm Haha!

AmyKsy said...

[tee] hahaha..thanks dear. no, im flattered you linked me. i'll visit yours too from time to time. you're in uk now? i saw alot of primark stuff there.

[aycl] thanks aren!

[chirobie] hehehe

♥**TeE**♥ said...

Nope I'm in Dublin Ireland lor..dulu I study kat sini but sekarang I'm married with Irish man staying here hopefully not for good missing M'sia like major crazy nieh..yea2 I love Primark stuffs..cheppo and always in trends hehhehehe quality so-so lah..but if want to keep up to date this place really freakin' superb..u in russia right mesti sejuk giler kat sana..anyaway have fun while you there..and keep posing..I loike it.

AmyKsy said...

when's the last time you last went back to Malaysia? how old are you? wow, its great you're married to an Irish man.I know I love Primark too, still having their lingeries, shirts and I am still carrying the bag I bought 2 yrs ago although its broken! lol. I need my Primark fix! hahaa, russia memang sejuk but now summer ad. but its still a little chilly. thanks dear for the support. will keep on posting.

♥**TeE**♥ said...

Hahahhahha so many questions? I just went home actually last Feb this year..and I'm so old already can called me sis ahahhahhahha anyway we have to live young in order to feel young right:D