Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We eat, we booze, we BBQ!

It is Spring and the most popular thing to do is having BBQs at the opposite park! It was on that fateful Saturday, almost half of the hostel popularity went to the park to have their own individual parties. We had ours too! The best BBQ outing ever with grilled mutton and tandoori chicken as the main course as well as tequila shots as our dessert!

Half way through the BBQ. Talking and chilling.

Very cute and photogenic Allysha!

The best of friends, Kuhen & PK.

LOL. Humping each other. Lame.

Waiting for the sausage to cook.

Dear friend of 4 years and counting, Moyi.

Ahem ahem.

Eating halfway and he had to take a picture of me -_-;;

I love it when I look up and had to see this.

Boy band.

Playful fight.

PK caught on camera.

Mama & son.

The main cooks for the day. Thank you so much. Oh yea, and also Sam the man!

Raw mutton getting grilled.

A well-trained dog.

That dog was scary.

The view of the park from our BBQ site.

We brought all the necessary utensils to make the perfect tequila shots.

I was going to down 1.


The boys.

Marinated food to be grilled. It was delicious!

Sliced lemon.

Malinkin hui. Guess who's jeans was that.

Sedap sehingga menjilat jari!


It was fun. Thanks guys!

Spoiler of the day: A rotten dead dog floating on the lake!!!!!

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