Friday, May 08, 2009

Life as of now

Life has been treating me well. I have been eating like a fat pig with huge meals during lunch as well as late dinner! I can't help it! Someone's been feeding me like a pig nowadays. :) You guys will get the latest buzz on what's happening in my life soon when things are secured. For now, you guys will just get the fact that yea, I am GAINING lots of weight! :( Sad right! :( Been online shopping like crazy, this cycle has been a breeze as well. I'll be flying back to Malaysia on the 19th June by Emirates, stopping by at Dubai for 2 days for a light traveling before going back to Malaysia for a good 2 months summer break! Can't wait!

Picture galore on what happened throughout the whole Volga trip. Part 1.

My view from inside the bus on the way to Volgo.


Tough luck. Our bus was stalled for 3 hours and could not be fixed. We were 6 hours behind expected schedule and missed the opening ceremony as well as a handful of track events. Those events that we could have gotten gold for thanks to our great athlete Yumnesh, kaki lidi.

Sun set as we waited for a replacement bus to come.

Throughout the whole trip when we had emergencies we resorted to peeing in the woods as there was no proper toilet. Dinie capturing shots of the dudes and me taking shots of him. Not bad!

Tai ko taiS~

New bus came and this was one of the pit stop approximately 6 hours away from Volgo. Gorgeous sunrise.


Where we waited for our turns to pee.

A lift for me anyone? Pleaded Afif.

We reached we played we won 2nd placing for futsal and 3rd placing overall like what I said in the previous post. I went for sightseeing around gorgeous Volgograd and these are only a small fragment of the pictures I captured!

Rose on laden grass.

The board read, do not step on the grass!

Marriages everywhere! I had a great time capturing sneaky shots of the brides but too bad none was hot in my opinion :P

One of the marriage photo shoot. The bride was around 7 months pregnant at that time. I pitied her as the husband was being cold to her.

Cutie pie in white.

Pregnant bride checking out the vendors.

Mamaef Kurgan.

Memorial for the World War II which ended in Volgograd.

The lady statue.

Statues of fallen soldiers I think.

All for battle front, all for victory.

Jumping excited participants of Volgames 2009.


Anonymous said...

oi oi... i can't belive you are flying back so early.. arghHH darn it!

Janetlee said...

wei, how come ur volgo looks so much nicer than the volgo i had like 4 yrs back!?? btw, isnt the lady statue mamaev kurgan? oh..something sad. check it out.

AmyKsy said...

[aylc] eh deng contact me when you're back to msia ok, we needa chill and hang out!!! when you going back?

[janetlee] the place is beautiful. yea its mamaev kurgan..ok i will check it out