Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sorry for the hiatus!

*Fyi, Amyksy, your blogger has been featured in an online fashion magazine!

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thank you friends for your support, thanks to Joyce, TIC editor for featuring me, thanks to funkshop55 for being a kind friend and support. I love buying clothes/shoes from you!


Wow, it has been almost a week since the last time I updated something in my blog! Sorry dearies, been busy and occupied with certain things. Volgames 2009 rocked us hard and ended. Last night was the anticipated Massad 2009. An annual graduation dinner held at Radisson's Hotel this time around.

One word- Kudos, to the 2nd year batch of RSMU for making this year's MASSAD a huge success. The venue was good, the performance hall was awesome and the food was up to standard. I had a great time watching 'top notch' performances from the students as well as the hired performers. I was nominated as Fashion Icon MASSAD 2009 but due to insufficient votes, the winner went to Elyn from 2nd year. Congratulations girl! All in all, it had been fun and I had a great time. Thank you Asrul for being my partner for the night and for being extremely patient with my constant need of camwhoring. LOL.

Behold some of the pictures from Volgames and MASSAD 2009.

We got 3rd placing overall. It was amazing.

The numbers on our backs. Spotted me?

Good friend from Kursk, Aren. Finally got to meet up after a year.

Thiva, the amazing futsal coach and contingent leader. It has been my pleasure to be learning from you. Eiqa, our cute beloved Pinkie :), Amyksy, and Daarshini, you wow-ed me with your great dancing performance during MASSAD. Go girl!

At Volgo river.

Love this picture. Au naturale.

Mamaef Kurgan with friends.

Balloon time at the closing ceremony. Pink balloon! Weee..

We jumped with joy.

Futsal silver medal with our 3rd placing trophy. Not at bad comeback RSMU!

Getting my medal. =)

The glorious RSMU handball team that brought us GOLD!



Our table.

With the girls: Angel, Ling Tze, Amyksy, Janet Lee.

Partner for the night, Asrul from MMA.

With couple, Eric & MeiSiu.

Angel, Amyksy, Suan Ling, YingQian.

Mr Massad 2009, Farizan. My fashion icon male at heart! =)


More pictures next time :) Enjoy people!


Anonymous said...

great seeing u again in Volgo.. not to worry, wonths time.. btw, great dress.. tc ya.. hugs

AmyKsy said...

hehe hugs!! c ya soon

Anonymous said...

IS that Volgo??!! *jaws wide open*

Anonymous said...

i mean jaw dropped n mouth wide open..ajhahah

AmyKsy said...

lol hi leed! why ar? why jaws wide open? more gorgeous shots i got no time to blog yet! have you gotten me shirt! :( pls get them b4 it runs outta stock! love to get my hands on it!

Kian Weng said...

congrats for the feature! so glamour!! lol