Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Done with 4th year!


The cold-hard truth

I was a giant and an ugly duckling when I was a kid. Proof down below.
( I don't think its hard for you guys to know which one was me)

Old time bestie Kay Renn (2nd from right) posted this nostalgic picture up in facebook. LOL.
This is the cold hard truth. Did I change for the better? You be the judge to that.


Omg! I can't believe 4th medical year has ENDED!!! WOOOHOOO! 2.5 months and I'll be embracing the 5th year man! And before I knew it, graduation day at the end of 6th year! HoHoHo (dreams can be so sweet eh!)

I'll be flying back to Malaysia on Friday(19th June) midnight which mean Thursday (tomorrow!) night at 0040am and will be in Dubai for 2 days (have a looksee/short trip) before touching down at KLIA airport on Sunday night!

So people, if you happen to know me in person, please contact my Malaysian number, and we'll go HANG OUT OK? :)

Miss you guys M'sian friends! Time to rock my summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adios~

-Blog will still be updated from time to time-


I dig this pair of shoes! Have to bid in ebay...sobs!! :(


Anonymous said...

amazingly beautiful...lols..
we were all like that last time wert!!

ChiroBie said...

happy holz lol =p

me said...

obviously u look so much more better now!!! haha..we all go through ugly times..i have mine too..haha..

i posted it up bcuz i think it's good that we see how much we've grown and we all look different now..=) and u certainly look better now.

AmyKsy said...

[aycl] lol stupid u sound so sarcastic!!!
[chirobie] happy hols!!!! :)
[me] certainly la!! lol im glad u posted it up cos when it was really amusing and funny. I forgot when was the last time i flipped through my photo album for my child pics! post more of us if you've got em'! will contact you these few weeks for hangouts! :)