Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My first outing with Mei2

It was my 2nd day touching down to KL. The 1st few things I did?

1. Haircut (done!)
2. Facial (done!)
3. Outing with Mei2 (done!)
4. Getting my clothes from Mei2 (3 big bags of them. done!)

Went out with Mei on Tuesday. We went to Pyramid for late lunch at Sushi Zenmai *my favorite japanese restaurant!* and proceeding to snacks at J.Co donuts. Yums!

Comfy sandals bought from Dubai. *Btw, Dubai trip was AWESOME!Will blog about it soon!*

Mei was excited with her favorite buy of the month.

Chanel Wannabe Miss Selfridge white bag =P

Good friends. =)

The sun rays!

Coincidentally we wore Grey outfits for the day!

Loving my laidback look on that outing.
Loose sleeveless shirt - Topshop (Dubai)
Denim black shorts - Topshop (Dubai)
Sandals - Spring (Dubai)
Snake skin black tote bag - NineWest (Dubai)
Studded belt - Forever21 (Dubai)
White leather watch - Swatch
Studded bracelet - Billaboong (Dubai)

p/s: I shopped like A CRAZY GIRL in Dubai!!! Topshop sales are EXCEPTIONALLY CRAZY! Buy 1 free 1. So I nearly went nuts LOL.


Anonymous said...

arggHH,,... i still have another paper to go.. that sushi restaurant of urs.. not nice...!!

AmyKsy said...

lol you're just jealous aren! :P come come we go!