Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dubai Wild Escapade!

On the last day in Dubai prior to my departure back to Malaysia, I embarked on a desert safari trip that was fresh and new to me! But it had a sad story behind it. Was supposed to go for the trip on my the 1st day in Dubai but due to my shopping madness, I shopped overtime and forgot about the safari trip till it was too late. I wasn't really scared because I did not pay for the trip first. But when I arrived at the hotel at night, I was shocked when the receptionist told me I HAD TO PAY FOR THE TRIP EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT WENT THAT DAY!

UEA people have the tendency of leeching off your money. I was tricked to paying more several times during my taxi rides. Sadly we can only travel around Dubai by taxi if you don't own a car there! And the hotel fees are WAY OVER THE TOP! I had to pay rm200 per night at a 1star hotel! :(:( Talk about sad man!

Anyways, I convinced the receptionist to call the man in charge of the trip for me to pay 50% for damages made for the 1st day and full price for the 2nd day which I will definitely go no matter what! So in the end I paid rm300 for a rm200 trip if you get what I mean.

I was REALLY PISSED because in the end I waited 1hour for the ride to come and the fella had the nerve to tell me that the picking up time was different and it was my fault for waiting that long. I really felt like SLAPPING THAT SON OF A *****!!

But sigh, it's over and done with. I had a good time during the safari trip!

The SUV stopped halfway and lured us to shopping in one of the shops. As usual, the driver will get extra cash from the shop owner for bringing us 'so called customers' for them. I bought the black turban scarf thing because I thought it can be used as a scarf as well.

The over-friendly driver that had a bad intention towards me. Yea, that's the cons of traveling alone.

Met some friendly China people. We were in the same SUV for the safari trip.

Driving up and down the desert! WEE!!

Jumping high! It was fun!

Had the privilege to sit on the front seat.

One of the China people.

One of the Arab drivers threw me a fake snake and I let out a humiliating shriek!

Mua on the desert.


Stupid perv. Thank god I told him I am married. LOL

The Arabics instructed me to pose with my hands on top of the driver's head! Not my fault!

p/s: More next time! :) (belly dancing, smoking shisha, buffet dinner, camel riding)

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