Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan

Went on a day trip to Malacca with Adam and Sheaumun last Saturday. We ate 7 meals that day and took truckload of pictures having fun all at the same time! =)

Seafood for dinner.
Steamed fish

Sambal lala

Smoked crab


Fried squid. delicious.

Prawns. Delicious and fresh.

Disgusting mud crabs.

Both girls.

At the seaside. Love the picture.

Church Road

Walking around

All 3 of us bought fedoras.



I love chicken rice! I do I do I do!

Nerd glasses which I bought!

Checking ownself out.

Nyonya laksa. Sedap!!


In the making.


Outfit for the day trip.
Chiffon top: Topshop, Dubai
Denim shorts: Topshop, Dubai
One of a kind sandals: Zara
Bag: Online
Bracelets &necklace : assorted

Queuing for chicken rice balls.


Posing with cendol

Adjusting the new bought fedora.

Vintage ride.

Bought 3 for rm10 leather bracelets.

p/s: Part 2 next!

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